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Located in Lençóis Paulista (SP), Lwarcel produces market eucalyptus pulp used as raw material in Brazil and abroad to manufacture several kinds of paper for books, notebooks, cardboard paper for product packaging, toilet paper, and a number of specialty papers.

Lwarcel Celulose's portfolio also includes the provision of basic raw material for hygiene and disposable product production, fluff pulp.

With cutting-edge technology, an experienced team, and focus on ongoing improvement, Lwarcel Celulose is an industry reference in terms of product quality, energy efficiency, and environmental performance. Currently, Lwarcel produces 250,000 tons of market pulp per year.

Products and Applications

Lwarcel’s eucalyptus pulp (its main product) meets the highest standards for production of different types of papers.

Products Applications Market Packaging
Bleached Eucalyptus Pulp Used for manufacture of paper
for printing and writing, tissues,
paper towels, packaging paper,
and specialty papers.
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Fluff Pulp Used for manufacture of
disposable absorbent products
such as infant and geriatric
diapers, sanitary napkins,
scented tissues, and other
specialty applications.
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Eucalyptus Forests

All wood consumed by Lwarcel comes from planted eucalyptus forests. Lwarcel's FSC®-certified forests are managed according to strict sustainability criteria. They are planned and executed considering the need to protect biodiversity, natural resources, fauna, and flora.


Lwarcel's growth is based on decisions that incorporate management attitudes and principles focused on sustainable development.

Environmental care is present in the daily routine of our industry, especially in emissions control and environmental awareness in defining processes and choosing technologies. In forest activities, eucalyptus cultivation uses low-impact techniques and care for native reserve and preservation areas.

The company has important participation in its community, both in actions geared toward its employees and their families, and in the development of its own social projects, as well as partnerships focused specifically on education, sports, and culture.

Certifications and Awards

ISO 14001 and 9001 Certification - Lwarcel Celulose
Lwarcel Celulose has ISO 9001 standard Quality Management system certification and ISO14001 standard Environmental Management certification.

FSC® Certifications - Lwarcel Celulose
Lwarcel Celulose was granted the FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) Certification for the management of its planted eucalyptus forests and also for its custody chain in the production operation. Lwarcel's forests and industrial plant are located in Lençóis Paulista region, in the State of São Paulo.

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